Attention, Attn これ何?

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During the class yesterday, we had "Attention" in TOEIC listening material which was not familiar to those who haven't written business letters in English.

When writing to a department or a person in charge of something in a big organization like companies, you should specify who or what department to get it.

Attention(Atten) : ABC DEF means ABC DEF is to receive it. As put above in the pic, 

Attention : John Smith(who to receive)
Wiki How (name of the company)
250 Emerson Street(street address)
Palo Alto, CA 94301(city, state, zip code)

You can write this way and the country in the end if it's overseas. This is one of the ways. You'll find arranged ways.

昨日のTOEIC クラスでビジネスレターの宛名書きの表現を学びました。大きな会社や組織に文書を送る場合、受け取る人や、部所を限定することで他の郵便物に紛れることを防いだりします。個人的な内容のものではなく、部所宛のもので、Attention: のあとは、部所名、または、担当者名の場合が多いようです。



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