Let's enjoy time at home!

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I was soon getting tired of refraining from what I was doing with no care, 
such as going somewhere to see my friend or singing aloud in a booth 
with my friends.

Why so soon? It might be because I started avoiding seeing people after 
I had a slight fever on March 1st. It went down the following day though. 
My mom has diabetes so I didn't want her to get the virus. 

I stopped visiting her from then on.That was when far fewer people were
careful about the virus infection than now. 

 After almost two months, I still don't show any symptoms from the virus.
 But nobody knows who has the virus unless they get tested. 

I still limit visiting her to some extent. And I limit going out of course.

But! feeling I have plenty of time at home, I'm encouraged to do 
things I have left undone for so long time!!

#1 replace a light tube in the kitchen ← what a procrastinator lol

#2 weeding at the corner of my yard where it is tough to do it without 
removing stuff 

#3 buy and plant fig seedling

The picture below shows #3. 
I am so excited and look forward to eating figs!!


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